UV Pipe relining systems, were developed to serve plumbers and contractors looking to solve ageing pipe problems across the world. WHYDIG UV can provide a complete solution for YOUR business - and give you options to suit your circumstances. We specialise in providing UV trenchless equipment to repair 2" to walk in diameter pipes. Using the most advanced UV LED trenchless technology, and cast-in-place technologies that are available on the market. Faster, cleaner, Pipe relining systems... that can cure in as little as 5-10 minutes.


Our UV cured repairs are UP TO 4 TIMES stronger than felt lining material and the original host pipe.

WHYDIG have spent years designing, developing, creating & now distributing, fast, clean, inexpensive and easy to install Cast-in-place-pipe lining systems, for almost every situation.​ We search for the best products on the market, and provide options to our clients. WHYDIG's UV systems will give you trenchless to repair option, to fix broken pipes in 99% of scenarios.​ WHYDIG TRENCHLESS specialise in the manufacture and supply of UV Pipe Relining equipment to companies across the world, as well as distributing other innovative, world class UV trenchless products. 


WHYDIG TRENCHLESS gives Contractors, Plumbers & Municipalities/Local councils the opportunity to repair damaged & broken pipes without excavation, with very minimal disruption, noise, or mess. It is a FASTER, CLEANER, SAFER way to repair damaged sewer & stormwater pipes.

Pipe Relining is now the preferred method of repair in almost all scenarios.

  • Local Council Infrastructure works

  • Domestic House Relining

  • Civil works Projects

  • Resort Maintenance

  • Hospital Maintenance 

  • School Maintenance

  • University Maintenance

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Cruise ships & Cruise Ship Terminals

  • Shopping Mall Maintenance

  • Airport Terminal Maintenance

  • Medical Centre Maintenance

  • Theme Parks, Entertainment precincts

  • Hotel & Permanent Residential Maintenance

  • Heritage Listed Building Maintenance where digging is not possible

Hotel Pool
Luxurious House